Leigh Primary School

School Meals

School Meals


Our school meals are provided by Principals Catering and cost £2.20 for all children in the Junior years.


To download the autumn/winter 2019/2020 menu please click here.



Please note that you can only pay for school meals via the Principals Website which can be found by clicking on the following link:


School Meals

Free School Meals for all Infant Children

All children of Infant age (Reception and Years 1&2) are entitled to a free school meal everyday. 

Impact on Pupil Premium

However the school also receives money from the Government to support those children who may be eligible for a free school meal (known as the Pupil Premium, further information is available on this website under the 'Learning' toolbar or by clicking here). In order for the school to receive this additional money to support these children it is essential that parents who feel they are eligible to claim for free school meals for their children still do so even if the children are of Infant age. Without claiming for this the school will not receive the additional Pupil Premium money and the children will miss out on additional funding that they are entitled to. To see if you are eligible for free school meals and to make an application online please click here for further information.