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Leigh Primary School

Aims and Ethos

'Sharing, Caring and Learning Together'

Our Vision Statement

We believe that there is no limit to what our pupils can achieve and it is our privilege at Leigh Primary School to nurture the potential talents of all our pupils and to provide them with an effective springboard for their future.

We will further our ambitions for our pupils by providing them with an outstanding and safe learning environment which encourages all learners to attempt new challenges and take risks with confidence.

In close partnership with our community, we will ensure all our pupils leave us ready to make a valued contribution to society. We take immense pride in our high standards and our reputation as the village school on the green which knows no limits. We aim to be the school that is truly 'Sharing, Caring and Learning Together'.

Our Ethos 

Our long history on this site means that tradition plays its part in shaping our character at Leigh Primary School.

Leigh Primary Pupils are independent, have an adventurous spirit, good manners, respect for others and are resilient. Innovation and creativity flourish and help to define Leigh Primary School as a truly forward thinking school.

We are proud of our location in the heart of the village. Our community is extended into the local area and those we help support through local and national charities.

Our Aims

  • To provide a secure and happy environment in which children feel safe, nurtured and valued;
  • To promote high standards of academic achievement through innovative, reflective teaching, focused assessment and a rigorous curriculum to ensure all pupils reach their full potential;
  • To promote a spiritual and moral awareness in our pupils based on the values of respect, empathy and kindness; developing a sense of service to the school community and beyond;
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities in a co-educational environment to enable pupils to discover and develop interests and expand their experience;
  • To foster self-confidence and a lifelong love of learning so that pupils leave as mature, engaging and thoughtful children.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are the foundations on which we base teaching, learning and social development at Leigh Primary School.

The five principles are embodied in our ACT RIGHT programme which is a bespoke programme created by our staff and pupils here as a ‘whole school’ project. Our Guiding Principles are on display in the heart of the school and serve to remind the whole community of our common purpose and goals. We believe these principals are at the heart of all we do here at Leigh Primary School. Further information about our ACT RIGHT Programme can be found on this website by visiting our Personal Development Curriculum Page and reviewing our Personal Development Policy.