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Leigh Primary School

Parent Workshops

At Leigh we believe in sharing your child's education with you; as such, we plan and deliver a series of Parent Workshops each Autumn Term in order to help you understand current curriculum expectations and teaching techniques in various subject areas.  Please see the website calandar for dates of forthcoming workshops.

In case you are unable to attend any of the workshops, members of staff will post powerpoint and handout materials on this page as they are completed.  If you have any questions reagarding any of the information in these links please speak to the member of staff that performed the workshops or your child's class teacher who will be most aware of your child's learning and next steps.

Maths in Action - KS1

Maths in Action - KS2

Please see the Mathematics Page (under Learning - Curriculum - Mathematics) for links to our   mathematics teaching and learning policies and curriculum objectives by year group.

Spelling Workshop

SPAG Workshop

Spelling Overview

KS1 Phonics Presentation

KS1 Phonics Handout 1

KS1 Phoncis Handout 2


Year 2, 3 and 4 Spelling and Writing Workshop


Writing Workshop


Assessment and Curriculum Workshop


ACT RIGHT workshop