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Leigh Primary School

Our Classes

Leigh Primary School caters for children from the ages of four to eleven within six classes.

We allocate children to classes using a variety of factors, including maturity, and ability.

Because of our small size, all staff know the children well. Children will often stay with the same teacher for more than one year, or may meet their teacher again later on in school. This enables our staff to have a good overview of the progress of all the pupils in the school.

We have six main classrooms currently in school, along with our mezzanine room which is used for breakout and intervention groups run by our SENCo and other support staff.Children are grouped in various ways throughout the school day according to ability or for other reasons, and for different curriculum areas. On occasion, children may spend time with other classes who are working at levels more appropriate for an individual child. Teachers use regular assessments and analysis of assessment data to provide intervention groups for children who require additional support or stretch in different subject areas.


Panda Class

Year 1/2

Year 2/3
Otter Class

Year 3/4
Dolphin Class

Year 5
Tiger Class

Year 6
Rhino Class