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Recommended Links

Here you will find a growing list of free web based resources which can be used to support your child at home.  As there is a wide range of free software available to support learning we have split them into subject areas.  We'll be posting more details about this and links very soon.

Click below to visit our recommended websites


 Explored Cressida Cowell's website where you can discover what inspired her to write the series as well as exploring extracts from the different stories in the series.

The BBC KS2 Bitesize website has updated and offers lots of interactive creative ways to develop you English skills.  Why not have an explore.




This term we're looking at the topic of Electricity.  The BBC KS2 Bitesize website has interactive ways and video clips to explore this area.

Learn about Electricity and Electrical safety with this children's website from Electrical Safety first.




To support our topic on the Vikings we've been exploring information from the BBC.  Simply click on the link above to contnue your research.